The road to Maritime autonomy forum organized by RINA & One Sea

The road to Maritime autonomy forum organized by RINA & One Sea

London, UK
Tapahtuman aika

One Sea and RINA have organised The road to Maritime autonomy forum, which will be taking place on 30th September at RINA HQ London. ONE SEA is a high-profile ecosystem with a primary aim to lead the way towards an operating autonomous maritime ecosystem by 2025. Autonomous ships, ports and fairways are the future of modern marine traffic. Autonomous maritime traffic operates in an ecosystem, where decision-making is based on Big Data, smart algorithms, artificial intelligence and ultimate optimization.

The possibilities autonomy and digitalization bring to the naval environment will shape traditional marine traffic to the next level. Roles of the on-board crew, artificial intelligence and the remote-control crew ashore will be redefined and assessed. One Sea autonomous ecosystem is a smart environment, where intelligent devices and solutions read Big Data, analyze it, communicate with each other and furthermore make decisions independently.

The benefits of digitalisation and increased automation can be utilised more efficiently if the new technologies are applied through the entire logistics system. Ports and services around the ports are an essential part of this. Ship to shore interface and piloting are some of the cornerstones to push forward the new era of more digitalized transportation. These are also critical to the overall safety of autonomous, remote controlled and advanced automated maritime traffic.

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