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ALMACO delivered guest and crew areas to Vega expedition vessels

All three ships of the Vega series, SH Minerva, SH Vega and SH Diana have been completed and delivered to Swan Hellenic. ALMACO was in charge of all guest and crew cabins as well as crew public areas. The work was performed at Helsinki Shipyard in Finland.

In mid-April 2023, the magnificent expedition and boutique ship SH Diana boarded its first guests in Palermo and set sail for an adventurous journey. The suites delivered by ALMACO were completed during the transfer voyage from Helsinki to Palermo, and all cabins were done before guests embarked the vessel in Palermo in mid-April. The vessel has already completed two cruises and had their official christening in Amsterdam on May 4th. The maiden voyages on the Norwegian coast are ongoing right now.

Co-operation with Helsinki shipyard and Swan Hellenic

ALMACO was tasked with designing, procurement, and construction of all of the ships’ passenger cabins, crew cabins, and crew public areas. The construction took place at Helsinki Shipyard, a valued client of ALMACO.

“It has been great to work with Helsinki Shipyard and Swan Hellenic on this project”, says Esko Ryyppö, Project Manager in charge of the Vega series project at ALMACO. He continues, “The project got off to a good start already in April 2020 with SH Minerva and continued with SH Vega and now SH Diana. We were expecting challenges due to the unstable market situation and took extra precautions to ensure the project was a success. Thanks to the great co-operation with Helsinki Shipyard and Swan Hellenic we were able to deliver all three projects successfully.”


Luxury cabins for guests and crew

The latest ship, SH Diana, is slightly larger than her sister vessels and offers their guests 96 cabins including 11 suites. The cabin types are Oceanview 20 m2, Balcony 28 m2, Junior Suite 35 m2, Suite 44 m2, and Premium Suite 47 m2. Suite or not, the cabins all offer top-class luxury standard and have all the amenities any guest could dream of. The well-planned cabins are spacious with large bathrooms and they allow comfortable in-room dining with a spectacular view. The interiors onboard have an elegant ‘Scandi-luxe’ Chic design. With 141 crew members and 209 guests, the number of crew cabins was almost as big as the number of guest cabins in this project. SH Minerva, SH Vega and SH Diana all offer their crew members beautiful surroundings and comfortable spacious cabins. Crew wellbeing and high retention are important for Swan Hellenic and they know the motto “happy crew, happy guests” to be true.

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Photos: ALMACO