Research and Development

Finnish Marine Industries promotes cooperation within the industry, represents its members at international forums for RDI and participates in launching new RDI projects and programs

The objective of research coordination is to follow and to influence national and international research activities together with other actors of the maritime cluster, the scientific community and the authorities. The association takes part in defining the future RDI themes and informs its members about current developments concerning the operational environment, funding channels, research needs and ongoing projects.

The association’s research committee coordinates the research activities of the marine industry and has representatives from the entire cluster, including shipyards, suppliers, ship owners, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, the Finnish Navy and other research institutes and universities. The committee defines common visions for the industry's RDI activities and monitors changes in regulations, environmental matters and new technologies. This provides a basis for the development of technologies, business models, environmentally friendly products and productivity. The committee is active also in initiating new projects and therefore many marine industry projects originate from the members of the committee.

The research committee has published the Strategic Research Agenda 2017-2025 of the Finnish Maritime Cluster. The research agenda describes the future visions and the most important research areas for the Finnish Maritime Cluster.



Competitiveness and Competence Development

Cross-cutting technological segments:

  • Energy, Environment and Sustainability
  • Intelligent Ship, Systems and Solutions

Specific product areas:

  •  Cruise and Ferry
  •  Arctic Technology
  •  Offshore


Photo: Mobimar, RCCL Voyager Class FlowRider