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Finnish solutions for the entire icebreaking value chain (2024)

Finland is a global leader in icebreaker design, polar shipbuilding, ice technology and fleet operation. Finnish companies have designed about 80 percent of the world’s icebreakers and about 60 percent of them have been built by Finnish shipyards.We have gathered the expertise of more than 30 leading Finnish companies to a new publication comprising the entire icebreaker value chain and including the following sectors: Design, Build, Systems & equipment, Operate, Research.


Finnish solutions for safe and clean ships and ports (2020)

Business Finland has also held two webinars related to the theme, you can watch the recordings of the webinar held in June here and in September here.



Smart ports and maritime logistics from Finland (2020)



Finnish solutions for smart ships (2020)



Finnish Marine Industries - Ways to decarbonize shipping (2020)



Maritime is the future 2020

The brochure, published by the Finnish Maritime Cluster together with Aalto University, presents the various schools that provide maritime training and education services.



Finnish Maritime Cluster Yearbook 2020-2021

The Finnish maritime cluster is significant by international standards. There is strong high-technology development like digitalization and environmental expertise in Finland, and these areas represent two global megatrends. The Finnish Maritime Cluster includes the Finnish Shipowners’ Association, the Finnish Port Association, the Finnish Port Operators Association and Finnish Marine Industries.



Finnish marine industry in a nutshell (2021)



ResponSea - Sustainable Finnish Maritime (2020)

Finnish Marine Industries’ ResponSea initiative is about creating sustainable maritime together for the future world. Find out more in our brochure.



Arctic & Offshore: Environmentally sound maritime technology from Finland (2020)



Luxury Cruise Ships from Finland - Cruise ships are Finnish masterpieces (2020)



Smart Maritime Technology (2020)

Examples of smart Finnish ICT solutions for the marine industry.



Smart Maritime Technology Solutions

A Strategic research agenda for the Finnish Maritime Cluster 2017-2025. Click here for a summary.



Arctic & Offshore: Finnish expertise in extreme conditions



Shipbuilders describe the manufacturing of the Viking Grace passenger ship

Viking Grace was completed in record time, despite the ship had brand new technology. LNG had not been previously used as fuel in fast-moving passenger traffic. The brochure, which shows how the advanced Viking Grace was built, contains stories of ten high-end marine companies.