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Now we can simulate the trip of Aurora Botnia

Tue, 03/09/2021 - 15:10
Aurora Botnia, constructed by Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC), has now its own simulator. The project is a joint effort between RMC, Wasaline and SAMK. The simulator is in SAMK's premises in Rauma



The simulator can be used for navigating to the harbour of Vaasa, the same way as it will be done with the real vessel Aurora Botnia.

– With this simulator you can do training and emergency exercises. You can, for example, practice the use of the propulsion, says Håkan Enlund, sales director at the shipyard.

– Half of the pilot runs can also be done with this simulator. With these exercises, we improve safety on board, says Johannes Sjöholm, the future captain of Aurora Botnia.

– This simulator is a real example of the potential for digitization in the maritime industry. This is the only 360-degree simulator in Finland, says Heikki Koivisto, maritime management project manager at SAMK.

The Rauma maritime education and the shipyard have worked closely together since the 1990’s. Aurora Botnia is also used as a reference vessel in projects led by SAMK, “LaivaDigiLab” (development of a secure test platform for the shipbuilding process for digital systems) and “AlusAkku” (safety for ship batteries and electric cars transported in ships).

Aurora Botnia, which will be delivered this spring and operate the Vaasa-Umeå route, will be the world's most environmentally friendly car and passenger ferry.


For more information:

Heikki Koivisto, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, phone: +358 44 710 3674,

Håkan Enlund, Rauma Marine Constructions, phone: +358 40 0365 532,

Johannes Sjöholm, Wasaline, phone: +358 40 503 5007,


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