Steerprop to supply a complete propulsion package for first-of-its-kind Wind Installation Vessel

Steerprop has been awarded a major order to supply the complete propulsion package for a state-of-the-art Wind Installation Vessel (WIV). The order builds upon Steerprop’s extensive support and successful track record in delivering fit-for-purpose solutions to the offshore renewables sector.

The order was placed in May 2022 by Singapore-based Sembcorp Marine Ltd who has secured a contract for the construction of the vessel for Maersk Supply Service of Denmark. Steerprop experienced specialists have worked in close cooperation with Sembcorp Marine throughout the design process.

“At Steerprop, we are committed to working closely with our customers during the design stages of each project. This collaboration enables the optimal solution for the specific application and operational conditions to be created,” said Olli Knihti, Sales Manager at Steerprop.

“This project emphasises our capabilities to deliver a broad package of high quality solutions that meet the latest design requirements and operational needs. We are also able to support customers throughout the lifecycle of the vessel with our Resolve to Perform approach.”

The company’s scope includes six of Steerprop’s ducted L-drive azimuth propulsors with an output power of 4500 kW and two 900 kW Steerprop Tunnel Thrusters for dynamic positioning, manoeuvring, and transit operations. To support safe and reliable operations with low lifecycle costs, Steerprop Care condition monitoring is also included as part of the package.


Illustration: Maersk Supply Service

The jack-up type WIV features a first-of-its-kind design with a load transfer system patented by Maersk Supply Service. The design also takes into consideration the need to operate safely and efficiently in the harsh sea conditions the vessel is likely to face while serving the Empire Offshore Wind project off the eastern coast of the USA. This set up high requirements for the propulsion effectiveness and reliability, which Steerprop was able to demonstrate.

Senior Vice President at Sembcorp Marine Rigs & Floaters, Mr Wong Teck Cheong commented: “In collaboration with Maersk Supply Service, Sembcorp Marine will design and build a WIV capable of operating at a high level of efficiency and to handle the next generation of wind turbines which are scaled up in size with longer and lighter rotor blades and taller towers. The vessel is designed to cope with the installation of bigger structures and to ensure operational efficiency for wind turbine installations. The Steerprop thrusters will play an essential role in enabling this efficiency.”

“At Maersk Supply Service, we are committed to using our capabilities and mindset to supporting the development of the offshore wind sector. This innovative concept builds on our maritime expertise to ensure a more efficient installation of wind parks. Central to efficient operations will be the thruster package to be delivered by Steerprop, who have a strong track record in the offshore sector, and we look forward to a positive collaboration with them,” says Frederik Smidth, Chief Technical Officer at Maersk Supply Service.

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