Waterborne Technology Platform adopts long-term strategy with focus on technology leadership

The long-term strategy of the Waterborne Technology Platform focuses on strengthening its leading position as a global frontrunner in developing and implementing innovative technologies.

On 15 February, the General Assembly of the Waterborne Technology Platform confirmed its long-term strategy, focusing on technology leadership in the waterborne sector. Technology leadership means being a frontrunning in enabling transformation, which entails developing and deploying competitive solutions to mitigate climate change, providing the capability to become climate resilient, eliminate all harmful pollutants, improve working conditions and create new jobs, and stimulate economic prosperity.

During the coming years, digitalisation and sustainability, in particular circularity and competitiveness, will be the key focus areas of the activities conducted by the Waterborne Technology Platform. Competitiveness stands for utilising the results of research, development and innovation, as well as deploying new technologies and concepts, to maintain the leading position of the European waterborne sector in the relevant technology areas. In addition, it refers to the capabilities and potential of the waterborne transport sector in comparison with other modes of transport.

To facilitate research, development and deployment of innovations, the Waterborne TP will explore relevant European funding mechanisms. This will create more opportunities to co-finance activities, and ideally leads to a pipeline of funding mechanisms to introduce new technologies and concepts in the market.

Eero Lehtovaara, Chair of the Board of Directors, Waterborne TP, said: “The members of the Waterborne Technology Platform encompass a broad knowledge base, which constitutes and drives technology leadership. Research, development and deployment of innovations continue to play a key role in maintaining and strengthening our position as frontrunner. Our long-term vision is to support the final steps of undertaking RD&I to be able to implement end products in the market. Dedicated funding streams co-financed by the EU and/or Member States to foster the last steps of RD&I, including specific emphasis on the inclusion of small and medium- sized enterprises in these activities, will be essential to deploy innovations in as an early stage as possible.”

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