Ways forward to reach zero emissions shipping

Ways forward to reach zero emissions shipping

Tapahtuman aika

SEAMEASURES (Decarbonization of Baltic and North Sea shipping: abatement measures and socioeconomic impacts), seed-money project financed by BSR Interreg, is organizing online workshop to discuss potential solutions and future scenarios for international shipping. The main focus is on technological scenarios for meeting the IMO 2050 GHG emission target and the Paris agreement. Both, climate impacts as well as their possible secondary effects on air and water pollution will be tackled. Emissions to air and water will be discussed in the light of a recent synthesis of current knowledge about shipping effects on air and seawater quality, human health and ecosystems in the Baltic Sea Region.

The workshop will include presentations by invited experts and a panel discussion. One important focus will be on knowledge gaps that need to be filled for making decisions to meet the IMO 2050 target towards zero-emission.

Venue: Online workshop, free of charge. Registration is required. 

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