Webinar: Finland-Canada Collaboration Opportunities in Marine Industry

Tapahtuman aika

Shipbuilding plays a crucial role in Canada’s economy, creating jobs and directly contributing to the country’s GDP. The industry has a long and proud history in Canada and continues to play an important role in modern times. 

With the ongoing demand for multipurpose vessels, icebreakers, grey ships and ferries in Canada, the shipbuilding industry has become an essential part of the country’s economic infrastructure. As such, in 2010, the Canadian government created the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) in an effort to restore Canada’s maritime industry and shipyards and renew the fleets of the navy and coast guard.

Join the webinar on 13 February to hear more about the Finland-Canada collaboration opportunities. During the webinar, you will learn about the Canadian Industrial Technological Benefit requirement, the Canadian and Finnish maritime and shipbuilding ecosystems and upcoming activities by Business Finland.

•    Opening words by the Embassy of Finland, Ottawa Canada
•    Presentation on the Canadian Industrial Technological Benefit (ITB)
•    Remarks by the Canadian Marine Industries and Shipbuilding Association (CMISA)
•    Remarks by the Finnish Shipbuilding Industry
•    Remarks by Finnish Marine Industries Association
•    Upcoming collaborative activities by Business Finland

More information and registration link you can find here

For further information please contact: Ulla Lainio, Senior Advisor, Business Finland ulla.lainio@businessfinland.fi