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Finnish Marine Industries’ ResponSea initiative is about creating sustainable maritime together for the future world. The Finnish marine industry develops the sustainability of its products and its network together throughout the industry, and informs of the positive outcome its actions have on the society and the environment.

ResponSea focuses on reducing the environmental impact of shipping and shipbuilding, continuous development of the industry’s companies as fair employers, monitoring the sustainability of the delivery chain and enhancing circular economy and lifecycle efficiency in all actions. In our vision, the marine industry’s processes stress the environment and the people as little as possible.


  • Together we create sustainable maritime for the future world
  • Our actions result in an economical and sustainable vessel, equipment and systems


  • We develop the sustainability of our products and our network
  • We inform of the positive outcome our actions have on the society and the environment


With ResponSea initiative, Finnish Marine Industries and its member companies join The Finnish Society's Commitment for Sustainable Development (Commitment2050). Co-operation is essential, as the Finnish marine industry is known for its extensive delivery network, in which the entire network’s actions affect the sustainability of the product. In Commitment2050 initiative, the association defines the marine industry's objectives for sustainable development and encourages the companies of the industry to develop in sustainability. Finnish Marine Industries also encourages companies to give their own commitments for sustainable development.

Finnish Marine Industries' sustainability themes:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of marine transportation
  • Continuous improvement as fair employers
  • Monitoring the sustainability of the delivery chain
  • Enhancing circular economy and lifecycle efficiency

These companies have already joined ResponSea. Read the commitments.



ResponSea is also mentioned in the Voluntary National Review 2020 of Finland (page 32), take a look:


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