Meriteollisuus ry:lle uusi jäsen: VTT SenseWay Oy

17.6.2020 klo 15.13
Meriteollisuus ry:n hallitus on hyväksynyt yhdistykseen uuden jäsenen. Näin uusi jäsenemme kertoo toiminnastaan:

VTT SenseWay is an expert in autonomous operations and cloud technologies. We offer products and engineering services.

VTT SenseWay has developed a new way to enhance autonomy development. Multimodal Autonomy Framework (MAF) creates a base for autonomy or AI development on land, air and sea by providing access to reusable components from sensors to software and from system architectures to AI models. MAF makes autonomy and digitalization development cost-efficient by maximizing project outcomes and minimizing risks. Developers can work more efficiently by choosing verified toolchain, instructions and support for autonomy development. They can utilize existing content from MAF’s component library.

In case you do not have your own development team we can offer work packages to help you in transforming your operations.

VTT SenseWay digitizes the fairways

Data provided by existing and new sources should be digitalized to enable new services for various users of the fairway and the port. Marine Tractor Beam (MTB) platform developed by VTT SenseWay provides situational awareness as a service for vessels by digitalizing the real world. When real world is digitalized, MTB can enable enhanced traffic monitoring and controlling for ports and other shore-based operators. MTB also enables totally new value chains in traditional business areas.

Gradual change by building on top of existing solutions is a cost-efficient way to take new technologies into use. By using MTB, it is possible to develop various applications for different purposes both on land and at sea. MTB is one of the sources that has created content for the MAF library.

Eventually MTB can communicate with long range deep-sea autonomous vessels and digitally escort them safely to port. MTB offers a way to gradually improve the port & fairway digital infrastructure to welcome the vessels of the future.

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